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Our Vision - STOP Street and Social Violence

STOP. One Punch Can Kill began after the tragic death of David Cassai on NYE 2012 from a senseless, unprovoked violent attack ending his life with a ferocious one punch.

We aim to unite all people who have been affected by senseless acts of street and social violence in an effort to work towards creating a safer community and to raise awareness that one punch can and DOES kill.

We feel that there are many facets to tackling this insidious problem.  Harm prevention through education and awareness are important factors in changing attitudes towards violence. By sharing The David Cassai Story through our  Harm Prevention Presentation will highlight the very real consequences, devastation and dangers of street and social violence.

Secondly, we believe all actions have consequences and part of this is harsher punishment and deterrence.  In 2014 we successfully petitioned the Victorian Government and as a result the new ‘Coward’s Punch Manslaughter” law with a 10 year minimum non-parole period was introduced on the 1st November 2014….. this is just the beginning.

It is a basic human right to walk down the street and not be ambushed, hurt or killed. People need to re-think their attitude towards alcohol, drugs and their aggression towards others.

In one split second lives are changed forever. There no longer is any excuse or ignorance about the dangers and devastation of one single punch.

Together we can all make a difference and our message is simple “KEEP YOUR FISTS DOWN and WALK AWAY”.

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We wish to thank you for your support.

Donations – Help us reach our goal!

$2,150 of $10,000 raised

Many supporters have asked what can we do to help?

We say keep the conversation going, share our message, wear our wristband or book our awareness presentation. We welcome partnerships and fundraising events where the community can participate and be part of the solution.

You can also help by donating to us. No matter how small or large, your generous support will help sustain our work in the community to help change this violent culture, bring back safe streets.

Most importantly our loved ones party safe and get home safe. We have a long road ahead but together we will make a difference.

Contact us for more information about our presentations or offers of support.

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