Campaign against street and social violence

New Law

As a result of the overwhelming support received from the community both from online signatures and the traditional handwritten signatures, the Victorian Government announced on the 17th August 2014 that they will introduce a new  ‘Coward’s Punch Manslaughter’ Law with a 10-year minimum non parole period.

This new law was also as a result of a meeting with Robert Clark, Attorney General and Edward O’Donohue, Crime Prevention Minister in January 2014 where we spoke about the lack of sentencing, crime prevention, policing and education. We are so pleased that they listened to us and the community and introduced this new law with bipartisan support.

This shows we all have a voice, we can be heard and we have made a difference.

Announcement on ABC 17 August 2014:

New law:

The Conversation, Change Agents – Interview with our Co-founder Caterina Politi: